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From the Traveler's sketchbook micro-collection, hand drawn silk scarves inspired by places I’ve fallen in love with. Yes, you can fall in love with places, their nature, their people, their customs.

 I’ll admit before I went to California I thought a desert was just a sandpit full of nothing. I can’t believe how wrong I was! It’s full of life, the most colourful flowers and epic sunsets guaranteed.


Please note this item id for pre-order, orders are expected to dispatch w/c 12th April.

Comes packed in a hand-printed box.

100% real silk.

90x90 cm

Dry clean recommended, can be handwashed in cold water with silk detergent.


  • Great care has been taken to ensure your scarf is in perfect condition, however if you find any manufacturing faults it can be exchanged. No returns


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